How to Prepare a Wheelchair-Accessible Home

How to Prepare a Wheelchair-Accessible Home

Ensuring that your home accessibility is right for a wheelchair user can seem overwhelming, but it can be achieved. You just need to plan ahead and find the right resources. Here are some tips for creating an accessible home that is comfortable, safe, and accessible for someone with limited mobility:

How Do You Ensure That You Have an Accessible Home for Wheelchair Users?

For people who are using a wheelchair, it is important to ensure that their home is comfortable and is an inclusive living environment.

One of the first steps is to identify any existing accessibility features that could be present in the home. This can include doorways that are wide enough for wheelchairs, ramps or lifts for accessing upper levels, and accessible bathrooms and kitchens. Once you have identified these features, you can then assess which modifications or additions need to be made.

1. Consider Your Doorway Width

One of the initial steps in ensuring you have a wheelchair-accessible house is to consider widening doors and hallways, if needed, to create sufficient space for wheelchair use. Additionally, pocket doors, which offer privacy and are more convenient for wheelchair users, may be installed.

These adjustments aim to facilitate easier movement for wheelchair users within the house, eliminating the need for them to navigate or squeeze through narrow spaces.

2. Clear Pathways

To ensure that you have a wheelchair-accessible house is to ensure that all pathways are clear and accessible. Make sure to remove any items in the way such as furniture, carpets, or other obstacles. 

3. Install Ramps or Wheelchair Lifts for the Home

It is best to consider how wheelchair users will have access inside and outside the house, and also within the boundaries especially if you have a multi-level home. This will allow the user to easily enter and exit the home in a wheelchair without having to worry about navigating difficult steps.

If you are unsure of how to go about installing a permanent ramp and extra safety features such as guard rails, contact an experienced contractor who can help you with this process.

4. Consider Other Accessibility Methods

If you want to make life easier and safer for wheelchair users, you can use mobility aids such as wheelchairsmobility scooters, walkers, canes, and other devices if they are able to do so. These tools can help them be more independent and comfortable by helping them with everyday tasks. They can also help prevent injuries by giving them more stability and support.

5. Ensure the Bathroom is Accessible

For many wheelchair-bound users, the bathroom can be a difficult place to use. Normal-use bathrooms aren't usually wheelchair friendly so you may need to adjust your bathroom slightly to improve wheelchair accessibility. You may need to consider installing slip-resistant surfaces, ensuring that necessities are re-placed at a convenient height, string pull lights, shower benches and even a walk-in shower.

This will ensure that the shower is easily accessible and the wheelchair user can easily access amenities and carry out personal care which will improve quality of life.

6. Ensure the House is Comfortable

Your home should be a comfortable and safe space for your wheelchair-bound loved one. Consider purchasing furniture that is designed to be comfortable for wheelchair users and also provides enough support, such as riser recliners or electric mobility beds. Additionally, make sure to install railings in any areas that may need additional support.

Taking the time to make your home as comfortable as possible will go a long way in helping your loved one feel at home.

7. Install Motion Activated Lighting

This involves the installation of motion-activated or adjustable lighting, which enables the user to effortlessly switch between various levels of brightness.

Additionally, incorporating night lights throughout the home can help night time navigation, offering added convenience and safety for wheelchair-bound individuals.

8. Ensure You Have an Accessible Kitchen

Creating a wheelchair accessible kitchen is essential to ensure that they are able to cook, clean and enjoy meals in the comfort of their own home. The easiest way to do this is by creating a lowered countertop or adding adjustable shelving and providing non-slip surfaces that can be easily adjusted for the user’s convenience.

9. Ensure Good Quality Airflow 

It is important to ensure that wheelchair users have good-quality airflow in the home. This can be achieved by installing air purifiers and other ventilation systems to help regulate the temperature levels in the house.

Additionally, consider opening windows or doors occasionally for fresh air circulation and making sure that all heating and cooling systems are in full working order.

10. Install Security Devices

It's important to ensure the safety and security of your home for someone who uses a wheelchair. You can achieve this by installing various security devices in your home, such as motion-activated lights, surveillance cameras to monitor the surroundings, and other gadgets designed to help you keep a vigilant eye on your property.

Additionally, you can enhance security by ensuring that all doors are equipped with keypad or fob-operated locks. These security measures are vital for safeguarding your loved one while they are at home.

Improving your home accessibility can make a big difference in the quality of life for a wheelchair-bound individual. Follow these tips and you can make your home wheelchair-ready in no time!

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