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Collection: All-Terrain Mobility Scooters

Embrace adventure like never before.

At Mobility Solutions Direct, we sell a variety of all-terrain mobility scooters designed to keep your outdoor adventures going for as long as possible.

Find your next off-road scooter below and receive free, fast delivery on your order.

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Find Your Next Off-Road Mobility Scooter Today

At Mobility Solutions Direct, we strive to provide the most durable and reliable off-road mobility scooters out there. With endless off-road capabilities, you’ll be ready to tackle any terrain easily, from dirt-ridden trails and sandy beaches to bumpy pavements and cobblestone streets.

We stock a variety of scooters to choose from depending on your needs, whether comfort or mileage is your number one priority, we’re confident we’ve got a solution for you. 

Our all-terrain mobility scooters are designed for exactly that - all terrains; with highly robust frames supporting up to 30 stone, alongside anti-tip safety, smooth suspension, comfortable seating and powerful motors/batteries taking you beyond 30 miles on a single charge. 

Some of our best-sellers include:

Ride Off-Road Mobility Scooters With Confidence

Off-road excellence

When operating a mobility scooter outside, you’ll face a handful of obstacles - from rough and shaky gravel to bumpy pavements littered with potholes. All-terrain mobility scooters are designed to handle exactly this with ease; featuring rugged pneumatic tyres, robust suspension, ample ground clearance and luxury seating for the most comfortable ride possible. 

The Scooterpac Invader is the ultimate 3-wheel scooter. Designed to let you enjoy the outdoors as nature intended, it handles various rough terrains, including gravel, dirt tracks, sand and snow with ease. With shock absorbers, a reliable braking system, and user-friendly controls, driving around on it will feel as safe as possible! Its battery setup lets you travel up to 30 miles and has a user-weight capacity of 24 stone.

Long-lasting journeys

If you’re travelling outdoors, you need a scooter that won’t give up on you mid-trail. Our all-terrain mobility scooters boast impressive battery life taking you beyond a 30-mile range, ensuring you have enough mileage to cover long journeys on a single charge. 

Unmatched Safety

Staying safe is the most important thing when it comes to mobility scooters. Our all-terrain scooters are designed to provide exactly that. They are made of highly durable and weather-resistant materials, have robust frames to support high-weight capacities and come equipped with features like lights to enhance your visibility. 

The Pride Colt Executive is one of the safest options out there.  It features front and rear suspension for optimal ride quality, 13" low-profile tyres for maximum traction on outdoor terrains, and full lighting, including directional signals and a large lower headlight, to ensure visibility even in low-light conditions. Moreover, its frame is incredibly robust, capable of supporting a weight capacity of 182 kg, while having powerful motors that can take you up to a top speed of 8 mph on the road.

The Best Place to Buy Outdoor Mobility Scooters

At Mobility Solutions Direct, we go above and beyond to ensure you have the best mobility scooter options to choose from. With a wide variety of all-terrain scooters to choose from, we’re confident you’ll exactly what you’re after today. 

Shop with Mobility Solutions Direct today and receive free & fast delivery. 

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Frequently Asked Question

An all-terrain scooter is designed to handle a variety of rough terrains, with features like robust suspension systems, larger and more rugged tyres, and enhanced stability to navigate through uneven surfaces beyond smooth pavements and indoor surfaces. If you have mobility challenges and want to explore nature and everything it has to offer, then an all-terrain scooter is for you.

You do not need a driver’s licence to operate a mobility scooter, however, if it’s a class 3 and you intend to drive it on the road, you must register it.

The charging time depends on a few factors; the battery capacity, the type of charger used, and the current charge level of the battery. Generally, off-road scooters may take 6 to 12 hours to fully charge, however, you should check each product for further guidance.