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Collection: Travel Mobility Scooters

Adventure with ease with our travel mobility scooters. 

Your mobility needs should not mean you have to miss out on fun things like traveling! We have a great range of travel mobility scooters for sale, helping you to see more of the world with the help of your electric travel companion. 

Browse our travel scooters below. Lightweight, easy to use, and delightfully practical, you are sure to find the perfect mobility travel scooter for your needs with us.

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Buy Travel Mobility Scooters UK

The smallest and lightest types of mobility aid, travel scooters are ultra compact Class 2 wheelchairs, which can be driven on pavements and footpaths. It is common for them to have a folding mechanism, whether this be manual or automatic. This is so they can be folded down in seconds to be easily stored on a plane, a train, or in a car boot.
To view our folding scooters in more detail, you can find our manually folding mobility scooters here, and our automatic folding mobility scooters can be found here.

Compact, Lightweight Travel Scooters
Travel scooters also have lightweight builds. This is not only so that they will pass travel restrictions, but also so that they are easy for almost anyone to lift and move when needed. They can be stored in overhead storage racks with ease, or tucked under a seat. They are also great for storing around your home, or your hotel or villa, when they are not needed!
Whether you’re going on a day trip, a cruise, a road trip, or an all-inclusive holiday, you should never have to worry about your mobility.

Travel Scooter Batteries
Because of their lightweight build, travel scooters tend to have smaller batteries and thus a shorter maximum mile range. This means that they are perfect for shorter trips ready to be recharged on an evening to be used again the next day.
Generally, the AH or Lithium-Ion batteries will take you between 10 and 25 miles on one full charge. These batteries are great because they have a long lifespan and last a while before their performance starts to decrease. They are also easy to replace, as spare batteries of these types are readily available from many retailers.

Free Demonstrations of Any Mobility Scooter
To make sure everything runs smoothly, and that your chosen model works for you, contact us to arrange a free demonstration! We are more than happy to show you our models in person and allow you to test drive your chosen mobility scooter.

Travelling with your Mobility Scooter
Before taking your scooter on any transport, you must check that you are able to bring it with you.
For example, some airlines may have to be warned in advance that a passenger is bringing a scooter on board so they can determine that there is space to store it.
The main reason an airline would need to be contacted in advance is due to the battery your wheelchair uses.
You can take your scooter if the battery has an energy storage of up to 100 Watt-hours, without needing approval from the airline. If the energy storage of your scooter's battery is larger than 100 Watt-hours, but less than 160 Watt-hours, you will need to get prior approval from the airline for it.
Most commercial airlines, train companies, and bus companies will be able to carry your scooter with no concern. It is just important that you double check before setting off!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally Lithium-Ion (or Li-ion) batteries are used for most types of mobility scooter. This is because they are lightweight yet powerful, and it takes a long time for them to start decreasing in performance.
You can take your scooter or powered wheelchair abroad within the European Union free of charge for up to 30 days in any 12-month period.
Yes! Travel mobility scooters are built with compact sizes in mind, so you are able to use it out on pavements and indoors, such as in shops. This is great as you do not need to worry about having to change wheelchairs or leave it unattended while you browse.