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Collection: Electric Wheelchairs

Get around easily with an electric wheelchair. These are lithium battery-powered and require no, or very limited, physical effort from the operator, making them incredibly easy to operate.  

At Mobility Solutions Direct, we have a wide range of electric wheelchairs for sale at a price that doesn’t break the bank. 

Explore below, and receive free, fast delivery straight to your front door.

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Find Your Next Electric Wheelchair Today

Mobility Solutions Direct is the home of reliable mobility devices from the most trusted manufacturers out there including Motion HealthcareMonarch Mobilitye-Goes and more.

No matter your needs, we’ll have something that ticks all your boxes - whether you’re after a lightweight & portable aid which fits neatly in the boot of your car, or a heavy-duty aid supporting high user weights with a mile range that goes the distance.

All of our electric wheelchairs are crash-tested, and available at budget-friendly prices to ensure you get the always best deal possible.

Some of our best sellers include:

Which Electric Wheelchair is right for me?

Finding the right electric wheelchair can be a tricky task - especially with so many to choose from.

Everyone has different individual needs, and we stock electric wheelchairs catering to every one of them - whether you’re after a front or mid-wheel drive solution with small turning circles for indoor manoeuvrability, or you’re after a rear-wheel drive solution providing great outdoor traction and stability.

If you’re unsure which is right for you, feel free to get in touch with us today and we can help you find the right mobility solution for you.

If you’re completely new to wheelchairs or are switching from a manual wheelchair, our Beginner’s Guide to Electric Wheelchairs covers everything you need to know about them. 

Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

Our lightweight options are ideal for day trips and holidays. These are designed to be as compact and light as possible, with a handful of useful space-saving features like easy disassembly, autofold armrests, backrests & footrests, and more. They feature top speeds of 4mph, weight capacities up to 150kg, and tyres ready to tackle any terrain comfortably. 

Small & Convenient Powerchairs

Power chairs, and small indoor electric wheelchairs, are designed with front-wheel drive, allowing you to easily manoeuvre small and cramped spaces. This is because they have small front wheels and large back wheels, which give you a small turning radius. The intuitive joystick controls and compact front wheels make navigating through tight corners and narrow hallways as easy as possible. These chairs are especially useful for individuals with very limited mobility who require a mobility aid they can control with one hand.

Why buy Electric Wheelchairs from Mobility Scooters Direct?

Mobility Solutions Direct goes above and beyond in providing dependable solutions for a variety of mobility challenges. Choose from our extensive collection of electric wheelchairs today, including lightweight, heavy-duty and powerchair options.

All orders from Mobility Solutions Direct receive fast & delivery - Join thousands of happy customers and order from Mobility Solutions Direct today!

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Frequently Asked Question

Both are similar mobility aids, however, electric wheelchairs require no physical effort on your part. We recommend electric wheelchairs for anyone with long-term or permanent disabilities, as they offer a great level of independence and you’ll never get tired when using them.

Whilst both are very similar and often interchangeable, a powerchair is used to describe an electric wheelchair with a compact design, small turning radius, and features like a joystick controller.

Both are mobility aids designed to make getting around easier, however, they are notably different. An electric wheelchair is designed with indoor use in mind, allowing people with severely limited mobility to get around with ease. Whereas a mobility scooter is designed for outdoor use and can be used on the road if it’s a registered class 3 scooters (up to 8mph) - these are ideal for people who find walking around long distances difficult.

The speed of an electric wheelchair differs between each model, however, they have a maximum speed of 4mph, which makes them legal to use in public environments like pavements and shopping centres. They are illegal to drive on the road (unless you are going across or forced onto the road due to a pavement obstruction).