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Collection: E-Goes Freedom Chair

E-Goes is a leading UK supplier of convenient & user-friendly powered chairs and hybrid scooters.

Discover your next E-Goes Freedom chair today! Browse below and receive free & fast delivery on your order.

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Discover E-Goes Freedom Range<

At Mobility Solutions Direct, you can find E-Goes full range of Freedom wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Whether you need a chair that's small & portable, or one that supports a heavy-weight capacity, you can find it here.

6 Series Freedom Electric Wheelchairs

With a 17-inch wide padded seat and support up to 110kg in user weight, the 6 Series Freedom Chairs are designed to be the perfect solution for anyone looking for a lightweight solution.

The Series 6 range features two chairs; A06 and A06L.

The Freedom Chair A06 is manufactured to the highest quality and designed to fold up in seconds to make your life as easy as possible. Weighing only 22.8kg and using airline-compliant batteries, the A06 is ideal for any type of travel, whether you're running errands or flying to another country.

With an 18-mile range, 2x 200w powerful motors, electromagnetic braking and on-board anti-tip shock-absorbing wheels, you can enjoy a reliable and safe ride without ever feeling uncomfortable on the chair. What's more is they feature 10-inch rear wheels and a user-friendly joystick control allowing for incredibly intuitive steering and manoeuvrability around shopping aisles, lifts and other small spaces.

If you're looking to take full advantage of outdoor drives, the upgraded Freedom Chair A06L is the perfect solution. Featuring everything found in its predecessor, the A06L features 12.5" rear wheels and a 2x 300w powerful motor ensuring bump-free rides over a variety of terrains.


Series 8 Freedom Electric Wheelchairs

With a 19-inch wide padded seat and supporting up to 160kg user weight, the Series 8 Freedom Chair range is designed with bariatric requirements in mind.

The Series 8 range features three chairs; A08, A08L and DEO8L.

As the first in the range, the Freedom Chair A08 is manufactured to the highest standards, offering a 26.7kg lightweight option which meets bariatric requirements. With a foldable design and air travel-approved triple-capacity batteries, this becomes one of the best power chairs you can get for travelling abroad.

The AO8 travels up to 27 miles in range, and with 10-inch drive wheels, electromagnetic brakes and easy-to-use joystick control, steering through crowds and busy places has never been easier. What's more, with raisable armrests, you'll be able to get in and out of the device freely whenever you need to.

If you're someone who goes outdoors and frequently drives on uneven surfaces like gravel or grass, the upgraded Freedom Chair AO8L is for you. Featuring the same features as its predecessor, alongside a larger 12.5-inch rear wheel and a more powerful, 2x 300w brushless motor, the AO8L will offer a much more comfortable ride.

The Freedom Chair DE08L is similar to the A08L but features a detachable frame which separates the aid into two sections. Once detached, the heaviest part weighs just 15.5kg which is ideal for transportation.


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Frequently Asked Question

E-Goes Freedom wheelchair range has something suitable for every need. Here is a quick run-through of which device is suitable for different needs: • Supports up to 110kg & for everyday travel - A06 • Supports up to 110kg & handles uneven terrains - A06L • Supports up to 120kg & highly compact - T3 • Supports up to 160kg & for everyday travel - A08 • Supports up to 160kg & handles uneven terrains - AO8L • Supports up to 160kg & detaches in two - DA80L

E-Goes Freedom wheelchairs and scooters travel up to 4mph and have varying mile ranges depending on usage.