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Collection: Motion Healthcare

Motion Healthcare are a leader in the mobility aid industry, designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide variety of power chairs and mobility scooters.

Experience a comfortable ride with Mobility Solutions Direct full Motion Healthcare product range. Needing some extra reassurance before purchase? Book an appointment with us for a free demonstration.

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16 products

Experience the quality of Motion Healthcare

At Mobility Solutions Direct, we sell a wide range of mobility scooters and powerchairs from Motion Healthcare, one of the UK's leading mobility aid brands.

Whether you need a lightweight solution with portability in mind or a high-mileage device you can rely on all day long - we have what you're after.

Motion Healthcare Powerchairs

Motion Healthcare powerchairs are designed to be lightweight, durable and foldable. But with so many to choose from, finding the right one can be a challenge.

Looking for a lightweight and portable option?

The Foldalite Pro is an upgrade to the standard model; it weighs 26.5kg, supports up to 23.5 stone and features a 16.5-inch comfortable padded seat, 180w motor and 8-inch rear wheels. It has a 9-mile range, 4mph top speed and takes seconds to fold away!

Looking for a bump-free & great outdoor performance?

The Foldalite Trekker is seen as the best in the range - being more powerful and durable compared to its predecessors.

Designed with outdoor use in mind, it handles uneven terrain with ease thanks to its 12-inch rear tires and front suspension. Its large frame supports up to 23.5 stone, and with a more powerful 250w motor, it can travel up to 13 miles on a full battery.

Looking for the lightest solution possible?

The Aerolite Powerchairs is one of the lightest out there, weighing just 22kg including the battery! Its simple, yet intuitive, design makes for easy manoeuvrability indoors and outside.

Folding and unfolding in seconds, it features an adjustable back, arm and footrests for maximum comfort. Its frame supports up to 18 stone and can travel up to 15 miles on full battery.

Motion Healthcare Mobility Scooters

Looking for a convenient, small & foldable solution?

The mLite mobility scooter features an easy sliding mechanism, allowing you to fold it down in seconds and place it in the boot of your car.

With the 2kg battery included, the scooter weighs just 19.9kg, making it easy to carry. It supports up to 18 stone and boasts a battery life which outperforms most other small scooters in the UK.

Have long journeys to make?

The Alumina Pro has the longest mile range of any car boot scooter out there, lasting up to 30 miles with a 5kg battery pack.

The standard Alumina mobility scooter has everything the pro version has but with a mile range of 15 miles.

Are you looking for a travel-friendly solution?

The eDrive is designed to make travel as convenient as possible. It can fold down in just 7 seconds, making it easy to fit in the boot of your car or place inside a heavy-duty travel bag for holidays abroad.

With a comfortable padded seat and large wheels that can handle any ground clearance in your way, you'll have the smoothest journey possible. It has a 21-stone weight capacity and can travel up to 9 miles on a single charge.

Test out the latest innovative technology with Lithilite.

Designed with innovative lithium battery technology, it travels up to 30 miles on a single 3.5kg battery pack.

Make loading and unloading as easy as possible

The Elev8 hoist is a portable lift that makes loading and unloading your mobility aid into your vehicle as easy as possible.

Weighing just 10kg, it lifts up to 50kg with the push of a button. It features two safety straps, stabilizing legs, and locking castor wheels to keep your load secure, making it the perfect travel companion for those who struggle with lifting.

Get the best deal on the Motion Healthcare range today

At Mobility Solutions Direct, we're specialists when it comes to mobility aids. Because of this, we know what the best products are - which is why we stock the full Motion Healthcare range.

We have happy customers nationwide using our site to find their next mobility aid - whether it's a powerchair, wheelchair, or something else. Take advantage of our competitive pricing and free & fast delivery when you order today.

Have a question about our range? Please don't hesitate to get in contact via or call 08009 700 381.

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Frequently Asked Question

You can! At Mobility Solutions Direct, we offer free demonstrations on all powerchairs (and mobility scooters) so you can be sure you're 100% happy before purchase. To arrange a free demonstration, get in contact with a member of the team and we will be there ready so you can test drive your scooter.

There are some similarities across the Foldalite range including easy transportation - simply fold up, stand upright and wheel for storage. Alongside this, you're given full comfort and freedom with flip-up footrests, flip-up armrests, adjustable backrests and knee protectors. They also come with under-seat storage and off-board charging for added convenience.

Motion Healthcare mobility aids use either, sealed lead-acid or 24v lithium-ion batteries - however, the size will vary between models. To find out the specific battery, please click on the individual product pages.

Elev8 will work with any mobility aid, provided it weighs less than 50kg and can fit on the surface. It's only suitable for scooters, powerchairs and wheelchairs which are designed to be folded away.