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Collection: Electric Powerchairs

Navigate small spaces with ease and enjoy unconfined freedom.

Electric powerchairs make indoor travel easy; with convenient manoeuvrability and a small turning radius, you can move around tight spaces freely without anything getting in the way.

We sell a wide range of powerchair models from leading manufacturers including Drive DeVilbiss & Foldalite. Browse below and enjoy free, fast & next-day delivery when you order.

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Indoor Electric Wheelchairs

 Powered wheelchairs are designed to make indoor movement as easy as possible; whether you have a permanent mobility issue or a short-term one.

The compact design makes them a great option for anyone with restricted mobility who needs a convenient way to move around indoors without the fear of bumping into anything; the tight turning radius allows for a low centre of gravity in tight spaces, and the sleek design makes fitting through narrow doorways and hallways possible.

As you’ll be sitting down for hours on end, you’ll want to be as relaxed as possible; adjustable and comfortable powerchair seats, headrests and armrests allow exactly that. With this, you can find the perfect position to alleviate any tension in your body and go about your daily life carefree.

The joystick makes manoeuvrability easy, allowing users to navigate surroundings with minimal physical effort required. This is incredibly helpful for individuals with limited mobility and upper body strength or control who may otherwise need additional support.

Being lightweight and portable doesn’t always mean being delicate and unreliable; in fact, it’s the opposite. Designed to be highly durable, the sturdy frames and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries mean they are highly reliable that will last you years to come.


  • Battery-powered motor
  • Controlled with an easy-to-use joystick
  • Maximum speeds up to 8mph
  • Compact-frame and wheel design
  • Custom seating options (cushion, headrest & armrest)


  • Long-lasting exceptional performance
  • Convenient movement & no physical effort
  • Great level of independence
  • Low-centre of gravity
  • Stay relaxed all-day

Free Demonstrations On Electric Powerchairs

It’s important to try before making a large financial commitment. That’s why we let you test out any powerchair before purchasing to give you full confidence prior to making a decision. Get in contact with us today to arrange a free demonstration; a member of the team will be there powerchair-ready and on-hand to answer any questions you may have.

Buy Electric Powerchairs Online

Mobility Solutions Direct are specialist in mobility aids and electric powerchairs, delivering excellent service to happy customers up and down the country. With free & fast delivery on all orders, you can start using your powerchair as soon as possible. As the one-stop shop for mobility aids, we sell a wide range of mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, electric beds & riser recliner chairs, so no matter what you’re after, we have what you need.

With free demonstrations for all powerchairs, you can try before you buy; so you can be confident and happy with your purchase.

Our friendly team is on hand to give you helpful & honest advice to help you find the right product for your situation. If you need any help or have a question regarding our powerchairs, don't hesitate to drop us an email or call on 08009 700 381.



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Frequently Asked Question

Whilst they are similar in that they function as motor-powered mobility vehicles, they are very different in design, function and purpose. Electric powerchairs have a joystick and small turning radius allowing you to navigate tight spaces, making them ideal for indoor use. Whereas mobility scooters use a tiller and have a larger turning radius and are more suitable for outdoor travel.

Powerchairs are suitable for anyone with a mobility issue, however, the easy access joystick makes them particularly beneficial for anyone with limited upper body strength as it requires minimal effort to use.

Whilst it will depend on the battery life and type, it typically takes at least eight hours to fully charge. Because of this, it’s recommended that you charge at night when not in use.