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Collection: Pride Mobility

Pride Mobility is a leading designer and manufacturer of mobility products, known for durability, performance and comfort.

Discover a wide range of Pride Mobility Scooters at Mobility Solutions Direct - no matter the model you're after, we'll have it in stock. 

We offer free demonstrations as well, so you can be fully confident before you buy. Browse below and receive free & fast delivery on your order. 

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Discover Pride Mobility Scooters

At Mobility Solutions Direct, we sell the best Pride Mobility Scooters out there - whether you need something small & portable, or have your sights set on the most luxurious ride possible. 

Small & Portable

Needing the best air travel solution?

The Go-Go Endurance mobility scooter has everything you need. Experience a smooth, comfortable ride and disassemble with ease when you arrive at your destination. It weighs 41kg (without battery) and allows for convenient off-board charging. 

Looking for a low-cost, yet effective aid?

The Pride Apex Rapid Mobility Scooter is available for as low as £899, and in return, you'll experience a seamless ride for many years to come. With a weight of just 37kg, detachable frame design and comfortable folding seats, you'll have found the perfect travel companion for your journeys. 

Have an on-the-go lifestyle?

The Go-Go Elite Traveller has you covered. Featuring comfortable seating, off-board dual voltage charging and a max speed of 4mph - you can transform your daily outings with ease. It's designed to make disassembly as easy as possible, taking apart into 4 pieces for convenient at-home or boot storage. 

As an upgrade, the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus features everything its predecessor and so much more! With a full battery range of 20.3km, it boasts a highly effective control system for optimal performance and a modular design that can be disassembled into 5 super lightweight pieces. 

Pride Mobility Large Scooters

Looking to ride in luxury?

The Colt Executive Pride Mobility Scooter has everything you need for a luxurious and comfortable outdoor drive. With full suspension, low-profile tyres and a hydraulic-sealed brake system, you'll experience the best performance out there. It travels up to 8mph and comes equipped with full signal and headlight lighting. 

Exploring rough terrains?

The Pride Baja Bandit has your sights in mind thanks to its superior suspension, highly innovative braking system and low turning radius of 53". Despite its small frame, it's the most compact 8mph scooter you can find on the market. 

Another great choice for the great outdoors is the Pride Ranger mobility scooter. Featuring a user-friendly console, dual hydraulic brakes and complete LED lighting, you can cruise any walking trail with ease. 

Need a solution to last you years to come?

The Mini Crosser X1 sets the bar for long-lasting quality thanks to its 10-year life expectancy. With a 39-stone weight capacity, it's suitable for urban and rural driving and travels up to 8mph. 

As an upgrade to the X1, the Mini Crosser X2 comes equipped with everything its predecessor has, but also features an innovative control panel displaying data, time, temperature, mileage, speed and battery life. 

Find Amazing Deals on Pride Mobility Scooters 

At Mobility Solutions Direct, we make it our goal to provide the most reliable range of scooters out there - which is why we're the one-stop online shop for Pride Mobility.

We have an endless commitment to delivering excellent products, with excellent customer service alongside it. With our free & fast delivery options, as well as seasonal discounts throughout the year, you can start cruising as soon as possible with a smile on your face at the savings you've made. 

Have a question about our range? Please don't hesitate to get in contact via or call 08009 700 381.

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Frequently Asked Question

Absolutely! At Mobility Solutions Direct, we allow all customers to try the scooter before buying to ensure you know how to get the most from it. Book a free demonstration with us today - get in contact with the team and we'll be there ready so you can test drive your scooter.

Not all Pride Mobility scooters come with lights so make sure to visit the specific product pages for information on whether they feature them

Our Pride Mobility scooters come in varying speeds. The foldable models can reach a maximum speed of 4mph, which is legally permissible on footpaths, pavements and while crossing the road. The majority of our larger models have a speed limit of 8mph, making them a 'class 3' scooter that can be driven on the road.